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Hey all my loyal followers, I was just meeting with my old friend Iain McKinlay at McKinlay’s Liquors in Holden, Massachusetts. He has 4 bottles of the Balvenie Tun 1401 Batch 3 left. He is asking $250 for them and is willing to ship. Give Iain a call or stop by and see him if your a interested.

624 Main St
Holden, Massachusetts
(508) 829-6624


As was previously announced, Andrew R. won the free whisky tasting contest. The professor packed up his finest spirits and presented an informative and delicious evening to Andrew and his friends.


Hey all you malt heads, Kappy’s in Falmouth now has the complete line up of the Maltman Single cask Single Malts!


The earliest whisky was made by monks, which truly makes it a holy spirit