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Learn more about the Glengoyne distillery:




Islay to get ninth distillery:


Japanese Whiskey Teases U.S. Consumers By Playing Hard To Get:


Check out this article in Foodies of New England, where Big Peat gets a shout out…



Growth stalls for Scotch whisky exports:


It looks like the first whisky distillery in London in over a century is about to ramp up production…

P.S. If you’re thinking there’s a typo in the spelling of “whisky,” it’s because Scottish and English whisky producers spell the word with no “e.” The letter was used by the Irish years ago to differentiate their product, and Americans followed suit.


There is no better time of year to light a fire in the hearth and settle into a comfortable chair with a dram of whisky than winter. The recent storm provided a great opportunity to do just this. Read more about the best whiskies with which to be snowbound (you know this is great advice as I contributed to this article):


I found this interview with Ian Millar, Glenfiddich Global Brand Ambassador to be very interesting: